Products - Electric Underfloor Heating

We offer a complete selection for your floor heating needs under tile and stone. Suitable for remodels as well as new construction and additions, the SunStone products carry a 10-year warranty, with 1-year on controls.

Electric Heating Mat

The electric heating mat features a pre-spaced SunStone cable attached to mesh mat for fast installation.

Electric Loose Wire

The loose wire cable features a flexible wire to easily adapt around fixtures such as baths and cupboards.

Sunstone Tochstat


Touchstat brings affordable simplicity and design to your home.

Sunstone SS Tochstat


SunStone Touchscreen Thermostat allows you to program your heating system easily and is suitable for any home environment with its white casing and discreet blue screen.

Sunstone SS Tochstat


PSTAT from SunStone brings simplicity and efficiency together for the best price.

Sunstone SS Tochstat

Insulation Board

SunStone insulation boards prevent heat-loss downwards, this means that the heat produced by your underfloor heating system is retained in the room for longer.