Loose Wire System

The perfect solution for awkwardly shaped rooms, SunStone’s Loose Wire System allows you to wriggle the heating cable around all permanent objects and get into places a rectangular heating mat cannot.

Specifically designed to be used under stone and ceramic tiles, the Loose Wire System sits within the layer of flexible tile adhesive below the tile or stone floor finish. Alternatively, the system can be installed within a layer of self-levelling compound below the floor surface.

The heat output of the Loose Wire System can vary depending on your needs. For example, at 80mm spacing between each line of cable throughout the room, the SunStone system will produce 150W per square meter. If you feel that your room will require a stronger heat output, this can be increased simply by reducing the spacing between each line of cable. You will need to be sure to contact SunStone beforehand for advice on cable spacing and size of heater to fit your room and output needs.

Suitable mainly for bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories, the Loose Wire System comes with a 10-year warranty to ensure long term comfort and reassurance.

Operating Voltage:  220 ~ 240V: 50Hz
Wire Diameter:  3.5mm
Outer Wire Insulation:  PVC
Wattage Density:  150W/m2 at 80mm spacing
Cold-tail length:  3 metres
 10-year Warranty