PSTAT+ from SunStone brings simplicity and efficiency together for the best price. Setting up a heating schedule for your home can be done in seconds and users can also enjoy the flexibility of using manual mode or temporary override if needed.

The SunStone PSTAT+ is the simplest and most cost effective of thermostats in the SunStone range. It has three modes:

  • Permanent Manual mode: Allows you to set a fixed temperature for the thermostat to maintain.
  • Temporary Override: When the thermostat is set to heating schedule mode, setting a temporary override allows you to set a temperature you would like the thermostat to reach until the next period.
  • Heating Schedule: Setting a Heating Schedule allows you to set comfort temperatures at set times throughout the day. The thermostat can bet set so that MON – FRI (1 – 5) is programmed as a block with SAT (6) and SUN (7) programmed individually. Alternatively, the thermostat can set so that you program each day individually, see advanced settings on how to switch between schedule settings.

The level of simplicity the PSTAT+ provides means that you will have no problem introducing this device into your lifestyle. Furthermore, at such a competitive price, the PSTAT+ is accessible to everyone looking for peace-of-mind when it comes to controlling their heating.

Key Features

Simple to set-up

Open window function

Multiple modes for better flexibility

2 years warranty

Easy to use

IP rating IP21
Voltage 100 – 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Load 16A
Switching differential ±0.5°c
Ambient Temperature Control Range 5°c ~ 35°c
Floor Temperature Control Range 5°c ~ 45°c