The perfect balance between design and functionality; the SunStone Touchscreen Thermostat allows you to program your heating system easily and is suitable for any home environment with its white casing and discreet blue screen.

The SunStone Touchscreen Thermostat is easy to use and quick to set-up due to its simplicity in design; with just four buttons on a clear interface, introducing this thermostat into your lifestyle will be seamless.

The SunStone Touchscreen Thermostat comes with both a floor and an air sensor, meaning that it works with central and underfloor heating.

Setting up the thermostat is quick and easy, simply inform it of your living patterns, for instance, the time you get up, leave for work, return from work, go to bed etc. and it will do the rest for you.
Alternatively, you can set your thermostat to manual mode, where it will ask you for a fixed temperature at which it will remain until instructed otherwise.

Key Features

Clear interface

Compatible with central and underfloor heating

Easy to use

Compatible with all SunStone heaters

Operating Voltage:  220 ~ 230V
Power Load:  16A
Switching Differential:  ±0.5°c
Protective Housing:  IP20
Ambient temperature control range:  5°c ~ 50°c
Floor temperature control range:  5°c ~ 60°c
Ambient Temperature Limits:  7 Day Programmable
Ambient Humidity Limits:  2 Year Warranty
IP Rating:  IP20
Installation Depth:  Dimensions: 89 x 89 x 49mm